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My Forestation

Reforestation is the process of regenerating or replanting forest areas that have been destroyed or damaged.

Forests play a very important role in order to maintain the balance in the ecosystem, by playing a vital role in maintaining the water cycle through extracting groundwater through their roots and releasing it into the atmosphere, preventing soil erosion through their roots holding in the soil and their foliage shielding the soil from the effects of wind, rain and sun and most important of all, forests are responsible for maintaining the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the earth's atmosphere.

Forests are an important part of the global carbon cycle because trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. By removing this greenhouse gas from the air, forests function as carbon sucking machines, meaning they store large amounts of carbon. Trees are usually 50 percent carbon by weight and work hard to keep our planet in check. At any time, forests account for as much as double the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Even as more anthropogenic carbon is produced, forests remove around three billion tons of it every year. This amounts to about 30% of all carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. Therefore, an increase in the overall forest cover around the world would tend to mitigate global warming. In addition to locking in the carbon forests account for 28% of the oxygen we breathe.

Forests provide a livelihood for a huge number of people and are a major factor in ensuring that the planet retains its biodiversity, which is vital for healthy ecosystems to function. Additionally dramatic loss in biodiversity means loss in possibilities of finding cures for diseases and less chances of finding crops that are resistant to disease or drought.

My Green Story aims to plant 200mn trees over the next 10 years. We believe this is a critical solution to save our planet from the vagaries of climate change resulting from huge carbon emissions and to support our water cycles. We strive to work towards increasing Kenya's tree cover.

Keriako Tobiko, CS, Ministry of Environment and Forestry said that current tree cover in kenya stands at 7.2% leaving a gap of 1.6mn hectares that require 1.8billion seedlings.

Kenya is among the low forest cover countries way below the internationally recommended 10% threshold for environmental stability. France's forest cover, for example is 30%.

Please join in our tree planting projects and help us achieve this for the betterment of our planet and for sustaining our existence as humanity.

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