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Clean My Waters

Clean My Waters

Water is life! As we all know.

So what can we contribute to making the following part of Kenya's constitution becoming a reality? "Kenya's constitution declares the enjoyment of clean and safe water by every Kenyan as a basic right."

And with every right also comes a big personal responsibility to make that right a reality.

Many different factors contribute to this being a challenge such as increased population, agricultural and industrial expansion, climate change and lack of institutional capacity to implement policies to protect the catchment areas, rivers, lakes, wetlands and coastal waters, just to name a few.

Why is it so vital to keep our waters clean?

If our groundwater and rivers are polluted, our drinking water will be poisoned! And we need clean water to survive.

As with forests rivers provide a livelihood for a huge number of people and account for some of the richest biodiversity, which is vital for healthy ecosystems to function.

Rivers ultimately flow into the oceans and pollute them. Our oceans provide us with 70% of the worlds oxygen, which we need to breathe. The oceans provide livelihoods, food and again a huge resource of biodiversity.

Additionally the oceans and their currents are responsible for our climate. So even if we live thousands of kilometres inland the oceans will influence whether it rains or not and impact on our food security.

Without our rivers and oceans being clean we have no basis for life!

What can we do?

First and foremost we can decide to not litter, the bottle we throw out of a bus window ends up polluting our streams and rivers.

Communities need to emphasise the necessity to not litter and clean their rivers to ensure that these are not used as a waste disposal system from farmlands, through the cities and into the Indian Ocean thereby polluting our food supply, wild animals, marine life and ultimately ourselves.

As individuals we can choose to question what agricultural practices may be affecting our waters. What industrial practices! And demand that proper policies are put in place and implemented to ensure that this natural resource is not degraded.

If we are made aware of a specific polluter we can choose to not buy their products. Choosing organic farm produce is another good option, not littering are examples of what can be done on an individual level.

As My Green Story we aim to annually clean one area of a water body together with the community living in that area.

Are you involved in any project that follows these aims? We would love to collaborate so do get in touch……

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