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My Forestation

Work with what you have

Aim for a natural looking forested area
and not an artificially idyllic tree
garden, working in harmony with what
nature has presented.

Think long term

Reestablishing an ecosystem with large
trees simply takes time. Don't choose a
very fast growing tree variety without
examining the potential pitfalls, such as
weak wood, short lifespan, lack of
hardiness and so on. Choose varieties
that are pest resistant, low
maintenance and proven survivors in
your area.

Consider maintenance

While a well-established forest will
basically take care of itself, young
plants will need some care and
attention, regular watering pruning and
potentially fertilizing (although good
planting practices and soil prep will
minimize the need for this). Think about
installing a drip irrigation system for the
first years of your reforestation project,
and use plenty of mulch.

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